Parish Address

335 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 888-2861
Fax: (317) 885-5006

Office Hours

8:30am — 4:30pm

School Address

399 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 881-1300

Servers Ministry

Purpose of This Ministry

The purpose of the Servers Ministry is to assist the priest at the altar in preparation of the Eucharist.

How Can One Become Involved in This Ministry?

The Servers Ministry is a wonderful opportunity for the youth of our parish to learn firsthand how the liturgy works. It is a group of enthusiastic youth who learn to work together for the greater glory of God.

It is also a chance for young boys and girls to witness firsthand what vocations are all about. Most priests will tell you they started out as altar servers!

When Is Training for This Ministry?

Training classes are usually twice a year. Announcements for future training dates will be posted in our bulletin and will be posted on our website as well.

There are normally five servers per Mass so there is plenty of opportunity for every youth to volunteer!

Contact Information

If you wish to contact any representative from the Servers Ministry, have any questions, would like to volunteer, you can initiate contact either by: