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Prayer Chain Ministry

Mission Statement

The mission of the Prayer Chain is to efficiently communicate requests for prayers to a network of individuals who will pray for those requests.

Purpose of This Ministry

The purpose, put simply, members of the Prayer Chain pray. The Prayer Chain is a group of over 100 persons whose ministry is to pray for others in time of need, loss, illness, praise, and thanksgiving. Prayer requests are received in the parish office or given to the team leaders of the prayer chain. and then distributed electronically or by telephone through the chain. Members of the Prayer Chain then pray for those intentions.

The requests are then distributed by telephone or electronically by email. Persons on the telephone chains receive the request; the first person passes on the request to the next person who calls the next person and so on until the end of the chain is reached. Persons on the electronic chains are notified by e-mail and do not make calls or forward messages. There are four small telephone chains and one large email chain.

Currently, volunteers include one overall leader, two team leaders. The need for team leaders increases as the size of the prayer chains increase. There is no ideal number for this ministry. All of us should pray! Additional volunteers are needed.

Who Can Volunteer for This Ministry?

We welcome anyone to become a new member to the Prayer Chain. It's easy, there are no meetings to attend, and you do not need to leave your home to pray.

Contact Information for a Prayer Request

If you wish to send in a prayer request you may do so by:

  • Submitting a prayer request electronically through our general email address which can be found on the website's parish contact page. Please include in the body of your text message the name of the ministry you wish to contact.
  • Contacting the parish office during regular business hours at (317) 888-2861; or
  • Contacting the chairperson whose name and phone number is listed in your Parish Resource Book.

Contact Information to Join or for General Questions

If you wish to join as a member of this ministry, you may do so by: