Parish Address

335 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 888-2861
Fax: (317) 885-5006

Office Hours

8:30am — 4:30pm

School Address

399 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 881-1300

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Facilities and Grounds Committee is to assist in the development and maintenance of the parish facilities and grounds.

Purpose of the Facilities and Grounds Committee

The Facilities and Grounds Committee:

  • Assists the administration and Parish Council in the development of new facilities in a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing condition.
  • Is responsible for the long-term needs, assessment for future facilities.

When Are the Committee Meetings?

Meetings are schedule based on whether there is a current project planned for the parish. The time commitment of volunteers would be about 2-4 hours per month, again depending on the project and if there is a current project assignment.


The number of volunteers varies according to the project(s) that are currently underway. Information about current projects is listed on this page under the subtitle "Information on Current Projects"

It is beneficial to have someone on the committee who is in the building or landscape industry to be able to use as a resource

The time commitment of volunteers would be about 2-4 hours per month, again depending on the project. A member of the Facilities and Grounds Committee attends Parish Council meetings.

Contact Information

If you wish to contact any representative from the Facilities and Grounds Committee, have any questions, would like to attend a meeting, or place an item on the next agenda, you can initiate contact either by:

Information on Current and Past Projects

2008 Projects:

  • Remodel of Upper Level Madonna Hall that included new Sacristy, Stage and Interior Finishes
  • There are no open projects currently.

2007 Completed Projects:

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  • Replaced lights in remaining 1954/58 classrooms of school
  • New tables for the school cafeteria
  • Lowered storm drain manhole casting at school drive
  • Replaced sidewalk north side of festival storage building
  • Installed section of Aco trench drain at festival storage building
  • Purchased house for new rectory and some repairs
  • Corrected water weeper in church parking lot, northeast corner
  • Connected church downspout to storm drain
  • Milled and wedged asphalt at north drive of church entrance
  • Replaced section of asphalt at church dumpster
  • Installed stop signs along Meridian Street of school and church
  • Installed ice maker and garbage disposal Lower Level Madonna Hall kitchen
  • Replaced all emergency exit lights in Madonna Hall
  • Replaced lights in Upper Level Madonna Hall with new light switching
  • Relocated one light fixture in church over choir with a special man lift
  • Trimmed trees in church parking lot
  • Installed new thermostat in school gym
  • Replaced section of sidewalk at Madonna Hall
  • Replaced handicap sign posts on east side of Church
  • Replaced sidewalks in front of parish office and regarded / seeded
  • Installed #53 stone along church drive entries and at recycle bins
  • Installed a new ornate site pole light in front of chapel
  • Installed a box light fixture on existing wood pole in front of parish office
  • Installed four cut-off light fixtures on sest side of school
  • Installed four more wrap fixtures to the boys and girls 1954 restroom