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Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

PPC Mission Statement

The Mission of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the Pastor in the decisions that affect the parish in:  finance, building, ministry and education.

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) embraces all the elements of parish life and establishes appropriate subordinate structures to assist the parish in fulfilling its own mission. The PPC is a ministry that deals with resolving all the issues facing our parish on a regular basis. The PPC addresses the spoken and unspoken needs of our community. Guided by the Holy Spirit, PPC members are empowered by the Pastor and by one another to affect needed change and develop solutions to concerns that are brought forward.

According to the PPC's constitution:

The Parish Pastoral Council shall be the instrument through which a representative body of the People of God, that is Our Lady of the Greenwood Parish, in a relationship of shared responsibility with the Pastor. enables the parish to experience a community of faith called to proclaim the Good News of God's Kingdom present among us.

Purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council

The overall purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to help achieve the Parish Mission for following Jesus and building God's kingdom.

Our Parish Pastoral Council has a solid Christian foundation based on spirituality, prayer, scripture, and guidance by the Holy Spirit.

It is a "Parish" council in that it deals with the broad issues affecting the overall parish, whether in parish life, religious formation, liturgy, building and grounds, education and social justice.

It is "Pastoral" in that it seeks to help the parish provide "for the common good" of all its members, both in spiritual and temporal matters.

It is a "Council" in that it is made up of a cross-section of parish members to represent a wide range of opinions, interests, experiences and perspectives, to:  provide counsel and advice for the Pastor, collaborate in ministry with the professional Pastoral Staff; and allow parishioners' shared ownership of the parish's direction.

When Are Parish Pastoral Council Meetings?

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except July and December) and include agenda items such as:  commission reports, discussion items, open floor, comments from the chair, pastor's comments, and prayer.


Members of the Parish Council are elected by the parish annually during the Spring or can be appointed by the pastor. They serve on the council for three years and can be re-elected for one more consecutive term. Anyone who feels they are qualified to serve on this Council and would like to run in the next election, should contact the parish office during regular business hours at (317) 888-2861.

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of:

  • Pastor and Associate Pastor(s)
  • Nine "At Large" members elected by the parish — voting members
  • Five Commission Chairpersons — voting members
  • Two Teen members selected through Youth Ministry — voting members
  • Ex-Officio members including the Pastoral Associate, School Principal, Director of Religious Education, Youth Minister, Business Manager, Finance and Facilities Representatives.

The volunteers making up the Parish Pastoral Council should possess the qualities of leadership, have experience in ministries, the ability to thoughtfully discuss a topic, and be able to clearly demonstrate their desire to offer their time and talents to the parish community.

Contact Information

If you wish to contact any representative from the Parish Pastoral Council, have any questions, would like to attend a meeting, or place an item on the next agenda, you can initiate contact either by:

PPC Minutes

Links to Parish Pastoral Council Minutes:

Minutes of the PPC Meetings are posted on our website after they are approved.


Links to Parish Pastoral Council:  (PDF Documents)

Current PPC Membership List

Click or tap on any of the column headers in the table below to re-arrange the viewing order of the membership list. If you prefer to view the membership list in alphabetical order by "Name," just click on that column heading. You can also view the membership list by "Position."

Name Position
Svarczkopf, Msgr. Mark Pastor
Hollowell, Fr. Tony Associate Pastor
Fuhs, Norbert At Large Representative/Chair
Neeson, Joe At Large Representative/Vice Chair
Rapp, Cindy Secretary
Bradshaw, Tina At Large Representative
Carpenter, Karen At Large Representative
Gibson, Carolyn At Large Representative
Gomez, Maria At Large Representative
Hocker, Stacie At Large Representative
Kalscheur, Mike At Large Representative
Sierp, Matt At Large Representative
Rapp, Cindy Commission Chair – Christian Service
Flanigan, Helen Commission Chair – Faith Formation
Ryan, Kathy Commission Chair – Faith Formation
Barajas, Luis Commission Chair – School
Pappas, Steve Commission Chair – Social/Family Life
DiGivanna, Charlie Commission Chair – Spiritual Life
Veenhuizen, Mike Commission Chair – Stewardship
Clady, Kent Ex–Officio Member – Principal
Reiley, Fran Ex–Officio Member – Business Manager
Cooper, Tony Ex–Officio Member – Director of Stewardship/Development
Cope, Becky Ex–Officio Member – Volunteer Coordinator/DRE
Henninger, Peggy Ex–Officio Member – Office Manager
– – – – Ex–Officio Member – Facilities and Grounds
Koch, Judy Ex–Officio Member – Pastoral Associate
Schnarr, Patty Ex–Officio Member – Youth Ministry