Parish Address

335 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 888-2861
Fax: (317) 885-5006

Office Hours

8:30am — 4:30pm

School Address

399 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 881-1300


Mission Statement

The Mission of the RCIA/RCIC is to give all those interested in the Catholic Faith a comprehensive education in the dogma and tradition of the Catholic Church, to enhance their spiritual life, and to assist them in true conversion.

What is This Ministry About?

The Ministry of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a process through which non-baptized men and women enter the Catholic Church. It is also for those baptized in a different faith tradition who wish to become Catholic, or baptized Catholic, but never confirmed. Participants in the RCIA are known as catechumens.

The Ministry of RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) is the process for children who are not baptized or baptized in another tradition to be fully welcomed into the Catholic faith.

This ministry prepares both these groups for initiation into the Catholic Faith through weekly classes focusing on the basics of the Faith, prayer, Scripture, and spirituality. All classes are open to any interested parishioners.

Classes for 2018-2019 RCIA will begin in August and participants attend one of the weekly sessions held either on Tuesday or Saturday evenings at 7:00 p.m. The welcome class for Tuesday evening is August 21, and Saturday welcome class for August 25.

Classes for RCIC begin in September.

How Can One Volunteer to Serve in This Ministry?

Anyone is welcome to help out in this rewarding ministry. The RCIA Team consists of staff and trained volunteers who serve as catechists (two hours per month in teaching and/or preparation), babysitting coordinator, babysitters (whatever they are willing), hospitality volunteers (two hours per month in purchasing and stocking refreshments) and sponsors (one-two hours per week spent with their candidates/catechumens).

Contact Information

If you wish to contact any representative from the RCIA or RCIC Teams, have any questions, would like to volunteer, you can initiate contact either by: