Parish Address

335 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 888-2861
Fax: (317) 885-5006

Office Hours

8:30am — 4:30pm

School Address

399 South Meridian St.
Greenwood, IN  46143
Phone: (317) 881-1300

Lending Library

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lending Library is to educate and enlighten our Catholic community.

Procedure for Borrowing a Book

The Lending Library is located below the Narthex of the Church. It is pretty loosely structured. There is no card catalogue or check out for the materials borrowed. It is just asked that the books are returned when the individual is done with them.  Please don't keep them longer than three months to give other people a chance to read them.  Thank you.

Procedure for Donating Books

If you wish to donate any books, please make sure they are in good condition and are approved as reading material by Our Lady of the Greenwood. Refer to the contact information section below if you wish to donate any books.

How Can One Become Involved in This Ministry?

Anyone can become involved in this ministry. The leader of this ministry needs to have a list of volunteers that they can call upon when needed for special projects. This might include labeling newly received books and stocking shelves.

The hours for volunteers are variable depending on the need for help. Someone with a library science background would be welcome to the volunteer pools to help with the logistics of organizing the library.

Contact Information

If you wish to contact any representative from the Lending Library ministry, have any questions, would like to volunteer, you can initiate contact either by: